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Corporate Information

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), a government-subvented body, was founded on 1 April 2001. It was reconstituted from the Hong Kong Tourist Association , which was established in 1957. The six objectives of the HKTB, as defined under the HKTB Ordinance, are to: ?


·      Endeavour to increase the contribution of tourism to Hong Kong;?


·      Promote Hong Kong globally as a leading international city in Asia and a world-class tourist destination;?


·      Promote the improvement of facilities for visitors;?


·      Support the Government in promoting to the community the importance of tourism;?


·      Support, as appropriate, the activities of persons providing services for visitors to Hong Kong; and?


·      Make recommendations to and advise the Chief Executive (of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) in relation to any measures which may be taken to further any of the foregoing matters.?



Awards and Achievements

February 2021

The HKTB won two awards in the Mercury Awards 2020/21:


·      Annual Report 2018/19 – Best of all, it’s in Hong Kong: Grand Award in the Annual Reports— Online category

·      Annual Report 2018/19 – Best of all, it’s in Hong Kong: Gold Award in the Annual Reports— Online—Interactive category